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IC industry solutions
IC industry background:
In the market downturn of the global IC industry background appeared two years ago, China‘s IC market to maintain steady growth, the integrated circuit enterprises such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain is flourishing, travel into many homes are large scale industries and advanced technical level of the chip manufacturing and packaging and testing companies, China, showing a rapid development of the semiconductor industry investment boom and hitherto unknown the situation.
The trend of transfer to Asia in Chinese electronic information industry growth demand and world semiconductor industry, the semiconductor industry China is facing a good opportunity of vigorous development, many international consulting companies believe that China will become the world‘s second largest outside the United States integrated circuit market.
The IC industry is one of the most challenging industries at present. As a IC operator, it should not only shoulder the challenge of Time to Market, but also shoulder the challenge of Time To Revenue, which will take 30 days to 120 days from wafer placement to finished products. During this period, the demand for semiconductor components in downstream electronics assembly industry is likely to fluctuate rapidly due to the rapid changes of the final consumer and market access, such as roller coaster. For the IC industry, on the one hand, we should quickly launch products to seize the market, while we should also carefully inspect the production schedule, finished inventory and semi finished products inventory, and the production status of the partners in the field, so as to decide the future investment and delivery plan.
A management problem facing the.IC industry:
How the effective management of the customer quotation and order process, realize the coordination of marketing;
How to manage different versions of the mask, different packaging forms, different product testing process, different forms of different packaging methods?
How to accurately grasp the single raw materials by different processes in the final output distribution of various products?
How to set up to adapt to the needs of different material material number, Code and plant plant material, product management for a number of different business stage management needed?
The orders to calculate the expected completion date and product output DIE number, to allow pre delivery and allowed to push?
How quickly does the master - in the outsourcing factory at present production status of all Wafer Lot products, provide the basis for the management of the relevant departments of the company?
- how to achieve product testing dynamic management of Bin?
The real-time and detailed understanding of the Wafer number, grain number, Cycle Time and Yield Rate and other related information of each station outsourcing process?
How to control the production of the instant or outsourced Yield Rate?
- how flexible processing each operation stage in the production, outsourcing and warehouse management in the demolition, and batch number of demands, and how to facilitate traceability between each batch?
How to calculate the monthly weighted the unit cost to meet the filing requirements at the same time, calculate each batch batch cost and the average yield of Die, why the number of unit cost, to facilitate the staff to make cost difference analysis for batch?
Two.GuruERP IC industry solutions:
The development of the new GuruERP system of IC industry, with industry characteristics of IC company, the system with warlords, processes and resources to effectively integrate the internal organization. We have more customers and more experienced customers in the IC industry, so we can not only go deep into the industry, but also understand the processes and needs of actual jobs.

Brief introduction of important modules and functional features

Sales management system
The combination of electronic order system, you can easily achieve the customer online orders, online check function of supervisor.
The credit line management, and can flexibly set timing control.
The complete history of quotation inquiry, through the duration of the set, with automatic quotation amount of the latest.
The control of customers‘ credit.
The customer material number, product type, product number through quotations, orders and shipping business operation process.
You can set the proportion of spare parts for different products. (Spare Part)
The debit shipment is completed, the price still changes, consistent with the specific characteristics of products in different price fluctuation.
- provide customer information management, sales order management, sales statistics and analysis etc..
Wafer procurement management system
The purchasing data set detailed record: mask manufacturers, mask layers, wafer matrix, wafer size, thickness, grain size, Gross, Die, Yield, the average yield of Claim Return Yield... Such information.
The calculated according to customer orders and generate Wafer and Wafer needs Bank. The number of pieces that are recommended is automatically thrown into Wafer Bank or Wafer requirements.
Wafer Bank: with Wafer investment online (to be retained for maternal transfer) characteristics, FAB CODE factory or change the product model problem.
The system can according to the order of products demand and supply the relative product number, the amount paid and allowed to estimate the number of customer requirements to delivery time.
Inventory management system
The inventory and outsourcing batch quantity real-time grasp.
You can be in the warehouse each batch and batch number of the action, to do open group action, but also the number of transfer in the warehouse between.
Wafer ID: Rate and Yield can record the good number of each piece of each batch of Wafer until the entire batch of Yield.
According to the actual condition of the company set of warehouse and storage, no limit. For example, the types of different regions and semi-finished products are set.
You can set the good product (asset positions) and adverse product warehouse (Scrap warehouse) do warehouse batch remove.
Outsourcing management system
The outsourcing of production batch tracking management.
A detailed record of the wafer processing number, Good Die, Bad Die, Yield Rate tracking number calculation, yield management.
In the measurement processing station and the evaluation method can be designed, in line with industry characteristics.
According to the demand of each query processing in a batch of Wafer Liang number, and in accordance with the demand for Wafer, select the appropriate.
You can repeat the same work, according to the actual demand of skip or special condition of a station, flexible, cost can throw to complete cost calculation, in line with the actual operation.
Cost management system
The monthly weighted actual cost calculation, in line with government reporting requirements.
You can calculate the cost of each batch, and the average yield of Die in the batch for cost reason, convenient cost personnel to differential analysis for batch. It provides a lot number cost history tracking query, which can clearly record the cost of the cost and the cost factors attributable to this batch of process stations.
In the process of outsourcing station cost incurred records can be expanded and tracking related information are detailed records.
Implement benefit
The integration of company information, make business plan, warehouse, purchasing, production, information flow between the various functional departments, sharing timely. Quickly and truly grasp the production status of all Wafer Lot WIP at each outsourcing plant, so that the production management, material management and storehouse colleagues can efficiently carry out outsourcing production, warehousing and warehouse scheduling.
The construction of standard operating procedures within the enterprise and bridge with external electronic B2B, so that they can be in different time and area real-time query of internal information or data to establish the zero time synchronization service.
- provide accurate production information such as: material condition, yield and production cost information to the relevant departments colleagues to use, reduce the current on most of the manual operation mode, to assist the production manager / real-time warning of the resource allocation, effectively adjust and modify decision, let students and colleagues at the end of the month financial management and vendor reconciliation checkout operation can be completed in the shortest time.
Let the outsourcing of production information can be effortlessly into, and let the relevant departments of the company staff can immediately review the information, assist the IC company and all do efficient production planning management and outsourcing contact factory, suppliers and customers of different.
In order to speed up the processing speed, logistics, improve enterprise operation efficiency, reduce inventory, improve the capital turnover rate, strengthen credit control, prevention of bad debts, bad debts.
Through the convenient information sharing and transmission and supply chain process management, greatly improves the response speed of the supply chain, shorten the manufacturing cycle, the efficiency is greatly improved. The enterprise has the entire value chain and the ability to "Total Visibility of Value as Chain", quickly decide how to respond to changes in demand and changes in competition.
Three.Guru eOrder (electronic order management) IC industry solution:
The vertical division of labor in the global industry is a typical feature of the IC industry. It is also an important reason for the rapid development of the industry. Similarly, in the IC industry, if the company wants to develop rapidly, it also needs to face the customers who are distributed all over the world.
Order processing electronic will help enterprises to greatly improve the efficiency of order processing, improve customer satisfaction, to achieve internal and external order process of collaboration, BenQ guru software (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. for IC industry development of the new Guru eOrder (electronic order management system), according to I

The professional order format, in line with industry characteristics of order information.
The customer, business can order directly through the Internet, to achieve paperless operation.
You do not need to purchase orders directly through the Internet system, low cost, on-line.
The customer can directly query the order information, and real-time tracking order status, the full enjoyment of order process transparency requirements.
- according to the specific enterprise, custom order processing, set sign flexible handling mechanism and perfect.
The custom email warning rules, timely and inform the people of order processing.
Integration of information with background ERP to achieve complete integration of internal and external supply chain information
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