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Brand: SK-HYNIX  

Type: original quantity: 50640

Encapsulation: BGA batch number: 19+ROHS

Price: inquire sample: can be out

Description: DRAM Chip 25nm 8Gb LPDDR3

    RoHS: Yes
    RoHS:version2011 / 65 / EU
    Description: 25nm 8GB LPDDR3 DRAM chip
    Classification: "we DRAM Chip memory chip of memory
    Vendor code9:162f

    SK-Hynix Hynix chip manufacturer originates from Korean brand English abbreviation "HY". Hynix, the original modern memory, was renamed Hynix in 2001. Hynix Semiconductor is the third largest DRAM manufacturer in the world and ninth of the semiconductor company.

    Low Power Double Data Rate SDRAM, is a DDR SDRAM, also called mDDR (Mobile DDR SDRAM), is the United States JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (JEDEC Solid State Technology Association) communication standard for low power memory and development, is famous for its low power consumption and small volume, specifically for mobile electronic products.
    LPDDR3 editor
    The Standard Specification for the third generation of low power memory technology LPDDR3 was officially released by the JEDEC Solid State Technology Association in May 2012.
    LPDDR3 also supports PoP stack encapsulation and independent encapsulation to meet the needs of different types of mobile devices. The energy efficiency and signal interface of LPDDR2 are also extended.
    In addition, LPDDR3 focuses on new technologies:
    Write-Leveling and CA Training (write equalization and instruction address taming): allows memory controller to compensate for signal deviation, ensure memory runs in the industry‘s fastest input bus speed, and maintain data input setting, instruction and address input timing to meet the needs.
    On Die Termination (chip terminator /ODT): optional technology, adding a lightweight terminator to LPDDR3 data plane, improving high-speed signal transmission, and minimizing the impact on power consumption, system operation and pin count.
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