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Model: NT5CB64M16DP-CF

Brand: NANYA  

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Description: DRAM Chip DDR3 SDRAM 1Gbit 64Mx16 1.5V 96-Pin WBGA
  • NT5CB64M16DP-CF

    Established on March 4, 1995, NANYA Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the R&D, design, manufacture and sales of DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory). It has established marketing points in the United States, Europe, Japan and the mainland. Its largest shareholder is South Asia Plastics Co., Ltd. of Taiwan Plastics Group.

    Samsung Group is the largest multinational enterprise group in South Korea, and it is also the top 500 of the listed companies. SamSung group includes a large number of international subordinates. The SamSung group includes Samsung Electronics, Samsung, Samsung, and Samsung Life Insurance. The business involves electronic, financial, mechanical, chemical and other fields. Leading storage series FLASH/DRAM/SDRAM/DDR/EMMC and ARM.
    DDR3 SDRAM is the full name of DDR3. It aims at the generation of memory technology of Intel new chip (but now it is mainly used for graphics memory), and its frequency is above 800M. DDR3 is a new design on the basis of DDR2. Compared with DDR2 SDRAM, it has the advantages of less power consumption, less heating amount, higher working frequency, lower overall cost and versatility of the graphics card.
    Advantageous editors
    Less power and heat
    The lesson of DDR2 is drawn, which reduces energy consumption and heat consumption on the basis of controlling cost, making DDR3 easier to be accepted by users and manufacturers.
    Higher working frequency
    Due to lower energy consumption, DDR3 can achieve a higher working frequency, to a certain extent, to make up for the disadvantages of a longer delay, but also as one of the selling points of the graphics card, which has been shown on the graphics card with the DDR3 memory.
    Reducing the overall cost of the graphics card
    As the prefetching of DDR3 is 8bit, the Burst Length (BL) is fixed to 8, and BL=4 is also commonly used for DDR2 and the early DDR architecture system. DDR3 adds a 4bit Burst Chop (sudden sudden mutation) mode, which is composed of a read operation plus a write operation to synthesize one. A burst transmission of BL=8 data can control the burst mode through the A12 address line. And it needs to be pointed out that any burst interruption operations will be banned in DDR3 memory and will not be supported, instead of a more flexible burst transmission control (such as 4bit sequential burst).
    DDR3 new ZQ calibration function
    ZQ is also a new pin, and a low ohmic reference resistor with 240 ohms is attached to this pin. This pin uses a command set to automatically check the resistance of the data output driver and the end resistance of the ODT through the On-Die Calibration Engine (ODCE). When this instruction is issued, the system will recalibrate the resistance and ODT resistance by using the corresponding clock cycle (with 512 clock cycles after power and initialization, 256 clock cycles after the self refresh operation and 64 clock cycles in other cases).
    The reference voltage is divided into two
    In the DDR3 system, the reference voltage signal VREF, which is very important for the memory system, will be divided into two signals, that is, the VREFCA of the command and address signal service and the VREFDQ for the data bus service, which will effectively improve the signal-to-noise level of the system data bus.
    Point to point connection (Point-to-Point, P2P)
    This is an important change in order to improve system performance, and a key difference between DDR3 and DDR2. In the DDR3 system, a memory controller only deals with a memory channel, and the memory channel has only one slot, so the memory controller and the DDR3 memory module are the P2P (single physical Bank module), or the relationship between the Point-to-two-Point (Point-to-two-Point, P22P). The module of dual physical Bank greatly lightens the load of address / command / control and data bus. In memory module, it is similar to the category of DDR2, and there are standard DIMM (desktop PC), SO-DIMM/Micro-DIMM (notebook computer), and FB-DIMM2 (server). The second generation FB-DIMM will use a higher specification of AMB2 (advanced memory buffer).
    The 64 bit frame oriented DDR3 obviously has more advantages in frequency and speed. In addition, because DDR3 uses some other functions such as automatic self refresh, local self refresh, and other functions, DDR3 is much better in power consumption. Therefore, it may be first welcomed by mobile devices as the first to meet DDR2 memory. It‘s not the desktop but the server. In the field of CPU desktop PC with the most rapidly increasing external frequency, the future of DDR3 will also be bright. At present, Intel‘s new chip, Bear Lake, will support DDR3 specifications, and AMD is also expected to support DDR2 and DDR3 two specifications simultaneously on the K9 platform.
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    2: When the buyer consults, please make it clear (complete model, package, quantity) so that we can quote in time.
    3: If the buyer orders without consulting in advance, if the goods cannot be delivered due to shortage or price increase, our company will not bear any responsibility and will make refund treatment.
    4: More than 1000 yuan free of freight (except for special commodities).
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