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CY7C1061A V33-10ZXI

Model: CY7C1061A V33-10ZXI

Brand: Cypress

Type: Original Spot Quantity: 51500

Packaging: TSOP54 batch number: NEW + ROHS

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Description: SRAM
  • CY7C1061AV33-10ZXI

    Manufacturer: Cypress Semiconductor
    Product Category: Static Random Access Memory
    RoHS: Details
    Storage capacity: 16 Mbit
    Tissue: 1 M x 16
    Access time: 10 ns
    Interface type: Parallel
    Power supply voltage - max: 3.6 V
    Power Voltage - Minimum: 3V
    Power supply current - maximum: 275 mA
    Minimum operating temperature: - 40 C
    Maximum operating temperature: +85 C
    Installation Style: SMD/SMT
    Packaging/enclosure: TSOP-54
    Packaging: Tray
    Storage type: SDR
    Series: CY7C1061AV33
    Type: Asynchronous
    Trademark: Cypress Semiconductor
    Humidity sensitivity: Yes
    Product Type: SRAM
    Factory Packaging Quantity: 108
    Subcategory: Memory & Data Storage
    Unit weight: 3.871 G

    Cypress is a well-known manufacturer of electronic chips, whose Chinese name is Cypress. Cypress is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and offers chip solutions in a wide range of areas such as data communications and consumer electronics. Produce high performance IC products for data transmission, remote communication, PC and military systems. Founded in 1982, the company is a large international company. At present, there are about 3,000 people, and a global sales network has been established.

    SDRAM: synchronous dynamic random access memory (SRAM), synchronization means that the memory work needs a synchronous clock, the transmission of the internal command and the transmission of the data are based on it; the dynamic is that the storage array needs to be refreshed continuously to ensure that the data is not lost; random is that the data is not stored in linear order, but the data is freely assigned to the address for data. Read and write.
    SDRAM becomes DRAM because it needs to constantly refresh (Refresh) to retain data, because refresh (Refresh) is the most important operation of DRAM. So how long does it take to repeat the refresh time? The current standard is that the upper limit of the effective storage time for the data is 64ms (milliseconds, 1/1000 seconds), that is to say, the cycle of each row is 64ms. This refresh speed is: the number of 64ms/ lines. When we look at the memory specifications, we often see the identifier of 4096 Refresh Cycles/64ms or 8192 Refresh Cycles/64ms, and 4096 and 8192 here represent the number of rows per Bank in this chip. The refresh command is valid for one line at a time, and the transmission interval varies with the number of lines. The 4096 line is 15.625 s (microseconds, 1/1000 milliseconds), and the 8192 line is 7.8125 s. HY57V561620 is 8192 refresh cycles / 64ms.
    SDRAM is a multi Bank structure, such as in a module with two Bank SDRAM, of which one of the Bank is precharged and another Bank can be read immediately, so that when a read is carried out, and immediately read the data that has been precharged Bank, it does not need to wait but read directly. The access speed of the memory is greatly improved.
    In order to achieve this function, SDRAM needs to increase the management of multiple Bank and realize the precharge of Bank in control. In a SDRAM with more than 2 Bank, a pin called BAn is usually used to achieve the choice between multiple Bank.

    1: Because of the variety of models, the price and inventory quantity are updated. Please contact us before placing an order.
    2: When the buyer consults, please make it clear (complete model, package, quantity) so that we can quote in time.
    3: If the buyer orders without consulting in advance, if the goods cannot be delivered due to shortage or price increase, our company will not bear any responsibility and will make refund treatment.
    4: More than 1000 yuan free of freight (except for special commodities).
    5: The quotation does not include any sales tax. For calculating the price with tax, Please add tax point.
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