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This week’s storage market "price-for-volume" is still the main theme, but the market is rumored that some original factory strategies will be adjusted, and market development may have new changes.

Time:2021-08-10 Views:1
In mid-August, the storage market still has not ushered in substantial improvement, especially in the channel market. In the face of inventory cost pressure and sluggish market demand, manufacturers have to continue to lower prices for sales.
On the supply side, the supply of NAND Flash is still relatively short. However, market rumors that some original manufacturers may supply some products in large quantities in the near future. By then, there may be new changes in the storage market, let us wait and see; DRAM supply, the recent volume and price have loosened Although DDR quotations have remained stable this week, since July, the highest drop in DDR quotations has exceeded 18%.
"Price for volume" is still the main theme in the channel market, and the quotations of SSDs and memory sticks continue to decrease this week
This week, the channel SSD market inquiries basically remained the same as last week. Due to the intensified epidemic situation in some areas in China, the demand recovery has been restrained. On the other hand, the overseas market has slightly improved. However, on the whole, SSD manufacturers in various channels continue to actively seize the market, and price-for-volume is still the main theme, and sales have improved compared to before.
In the channel memory market, major manufacturers still use low prices to attract customers to place orders to balance the pressure on inventory costs. Under this tone, channel memory products continue to drop this week.
In the flash memory card and U disk market, the overall market performance is still sluggish. Under the upside-down market, manufacturers have to cut prices and deliver goods to maintain a healthy flow.
The industry market is fiercely competitive, and the quotations of SSD and memory products continue to decrease this week
In the first half of this year, the industry market has been relatively stable due to strong demand in PCs, notebooks and other fields. In the third quarter, due to the serious shortage of parts and components, some terminal manufacturers have high inventory levels, and some storage manufacturers have high inventories, resulting in price reductions in some industries, especially memory products in the industry, plus upstream DRAM The supply quotation has been lowered. According to the ChinaFlashMarket quotation of the flash memory market, since the third quarter, the industry‘s largest decline in memory has exceeded 16%.
This week, the industry market is still dominated by shipments, and SSD and memory products have lowered their quotations across the board.
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