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Latest Events

Storage market prices skyrocketed in the first week after the festival

Time:2021-02-25 Views:147
Just after the Spring Festival holiday, enterprises began to resume production and work one after another. However, this week‘s market still continued the atmosphere of "lack of materials" before the festival. In particular, the recent Fukushima earthquake and the power outage in Dezhou led to the loss or even shutdown of production capacity of Samsung, Infineon, NXP, Renesas electronics and other semiconductor manufacturers, and the global chip shortage tide "aggravated".
For the storage market, the first quarter is the traditional off-season, and the current holiday has just passed, and the market transaction has not yet started completely. The imbalance of supply chain caused by shortage of materials will lead the storage industry to where it will go, which still needs continuous attention.
Under the atmosphere of "shortage of materials", channel SSD market encountered "attack from the front to the back" and rose at the beginning of the year
At present, the contradiction in the channel market is particularly significant. On the one hand, the supply of NAND is still insufficient due to the upgrading of the original factory end technology. In addition, the delivery of inductors, capacitors, resistors and other accessories is seriously delayed, or even delayed for 5-6 months. The production capacity of BGA substrate and main control chip is also very tight. On the other hand, the limitation on the number of complete machine shipments will also inhibit the demand for storage devices.
In terms of demand, both domestic and foreign markets are in a state of tepid at present. Although some customers have begun to ask for orders, the follow-up development still needs to be closely observed.
DRAM market is extremely short of resources, with a maximum increase of 38%
This week, the price of the memory market rose, with a maximum increase of 38%. The fundamental reason is that the original factory made a large increase before and after the Spring Festival holiday. However, even so, the original factory still can not guarantee the supply of products.
Different from the flash memory market, the memory resource market is more concentrated, mainly in the hands of Samsung, micron and SK Hynix. It has been reported that in 2021, Samsung and SK Hynix will focus on wafer foundry and flash memory, while DRAM investment will remain the same as that of the previous year. Therefore, the industry has predicted that this year‘s DRAM resources are in short supply.
On the demand side, as the current transaction has not yet started completely, the subsequent market acceptance of this wave of market remains to be seen.
In terms of granularity, the quotation of DDR4 4GB (256mbx16) increased from US $1.85 to US $2.25, or 21.6%; the quotation of DDR4 4GB (512mbx8) increased from US $1.85 to US $2, or 8.1%; the quotation of DDR4 8GB (512mbx16) increased from US $3.65 to us $4.5, or 23.3%; the quotation of DDR4 8GB (1024mbx8) increased from US $3.5 to US $4.4, or 25.7%; and the quotation of DDR4 16GB increased from US $3.5 to US $4.4, or 25.7% (2048mbx8) offer rose 38.5% to $9 from $6.5.

This week, the embedded product market is stable, and the quotation remains unchanged.

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