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SK Hynix adopts EUV to produce 1a nano-process DRAM in the second half of 2021

Time:2020-11-02 Views:409
According to foreign media reports, ASML is currently the only manufacturer in the world that produces extreme ultraviolet exposure equipment (EUV) for the manufacture of advanced semiconductor processes, that is, it plays a key role in processes below 7 nanometers, including TSMC and Samsung. To produce advanced processors (CPU) and graphics chips, and Samsung also uses them in memory DRAM manufacturing.
In order to catch up with Samsung, another South Korean memory manufacturer, SK Hynix, also announced that it is expected to start mass production of DRAM using EUV technology in the second half of 2021.
The report pointed out that a few days ago, SK Hynix executives stated that they plan to use EUV exposure equipment to produce the fourth-generation (i.e. 1a nano process) DRAM products on the newly established M16 production line at the Icheon plant in South Korea starting in the second half of 2021. The construction of the M16 production line is expected to be completed by the end of 2020, and manufacturing equipment and installation will begin in the first half of 2021. The laboratory is currently preparing, and mass production is expected to begin in the second half of 2021.
As for the memory, the same as the CPU logic process, it has faced the problem of process shrinking in recent years. If EUV exposure technology is used, multiple exposure processes can be reduced, providing finer process accuracy and yield, further reducing product production time and reducing costs, and improving efficiency. It‘s just that the unit price of EUV exposure equipment is nearly 150 million euros, and the initial investment cost is much higher than that of deep ultraviolet exposure equipment (DUV), so manufacturers will think twice.
The report further pointed out that, compared to SK Hynix‘s mass production of DRAM using EUV technology in 2021, global memory leader Samsung has begun to produce DRAM with EUV technology. The LPDDR5 16Gb DRAM previously released by Samsung is produced using EUV technology with a bandwidth of 6400MHz, which is 16% faster than LPDDR5 12Gb DRAM.
Among the three major DRAM suppliers in the world, only Micron has not yet adopted EUV technology. Taiwan’s Micron chairman Xu Guojin said in a meeting with the media that Micron has no plans to adopt EUV because it can achieve the same effect by using existing lithography equipment with other processes. With technological advancement and market demand, whether Micron will change its attitude remains to be observed.
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