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It is optimistic that the proportion of flash and DRAM will increase in the future, and the market demand of Huabang power will not be satisfied

Time:2020-06-15 Views:476
At present, the share of flash revenue of Huabang power officially exceeds DRAM. Jiao Youjun, chairman of Huabang power, said that with the increase of factory automation, capital safety issues and the bottleneck of Moore‘s law, it is expected to accelerate the expansion of flash market and inject a new wave of growth momentum into Huabang power.
Huabang power stressed that the global economy has been harmed by the epidemic, and its business has also been affected. However, countries have implemented monetary easing measures to save the market and stimulate consumption through many measures. At present, the key lies in when consumers start to consume instead of having no money.
From the perspective of Huabang‘s revenue in the first five months of this year, the situation is good. It seems that the impact of the epidemic on the world is asymmetric. In addition, the epidemic has brought about changes in people‘s lifestyle. Home office, long-distance teaching, online shopping and other businesses seem to be positive benefits for Huabang‘s business, so it is prudent and not pessimistic about the future prosperity and industrial market situation.
Does Huabang power have an adjustment plan?
In response to the continuous growth of the market demand for NOR flash, Huabang power decided to move the niche DRAM to Zhuxin plant in Kaohsiung road in the future, making room to expand flash. It is expected that in the future, the proportion of Huabang power‘s flash and DRAM business will increase to 55:45, or even flash will exceed DRAM by 20%.
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