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EMMC prices soared in half a month

Time:2021-03-16 Views:107
Strong demand for solid state drives (SSDs) effectively reduced NAND flash inventory. Due to the capacity crowding effect of upstream original manufacturers giving priority to SSD supply, demand for embedded memory modules such as EMMC, EMCP and UFS was in short supply and prices rose sharply. The spot price of 8gb-32gb EMMC rose by 75-85% in early March.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic accelerated digital transformation. This year, the power supply of the pen and tablet and server has been booming, which has led to the strong SSD shipping capacity. The new capacity of the new OEM SSD, including DELL, HP and ASUS, has reached SSD or 512GB. The server factory also greatly improves the capacity of SSD to effectively NAND. Flash market inventory, the first quarter contract price has seen a stop.
From the supply side, Samsung, SK Hynix, Kaixia, and Meguiar are striving for high-level 3D NAND capacity this year. Samsung, Meguiar, and SK Hynix are speeding up their conversion to 176 layer 3D NAND this year, and Kaixia and Western data (WD) are converting to 162 layer 3D NAND this year. The increase in the number of layers can effectively reduce the manufacturing cost per GB. The number of 512gb NAND particles cut from each 3D NAND wafer increases by 30-40% compared with the previous generation technology. SSD has become the largest sea port to reduce the production capacity.
As the business opportunities of digital transformation continue to push SSD shipment to a new high, the upstream original factory accelerates the 3D NAND layer upgrade, and the SSD price per GB effectively reduces, which stimulates more SSD demand. Under the condition that the upstream original factory gives priority to SSD product line supply, the NAND flash supply of embedded memory modules such as EMMC and EMCP is significantly squeezed. Due to the increasing demand for EMMC or EMCP from 5g mobile phones, WiFi routers, smart TV and other applications, the market supply and demand are out of balance, and the price has skyrocketed since March.
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