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Latest Events

Affected by the epidemic, DRAM contract price reached a new one-year high

Time:2020-06-03 Views:432
The novel coronavirus pneumonia spread has led to the policy of locking up the city in various countries. The first quarter consumer electronics logistics was blocked, which also led to the DRAM‘s position shipment. Fortunately, the DRAM market stock had dropped below the seasonal safe water level. The upstream factory had no intention to reduce the shipment. Since April, the countries have announced the factory‘s resumption of work and restart the economy, and the epidemic has led to servers, pens and electricity. In May, the contract price of DRAM slightly increased. The average contract price of 8GB DDR4 module reached $28.50, a new high in one year.

Blocked DRAM shipments in the first quarter will be deferred to the second quarter. Therefore, under the condition that the average price of DRAM increases by more than 20% in the second quarter and the volume of shipments increases at the same time, it is predicted that the overall output value of DRAM in the second quarter will increase by more than 20%, and the revenue and profitability of the original factory will continue to grow. We are optimistic that the second quarter‘s revenue and profit of South Asia branch and Huabang power will be significantly better than the first quarter.
According to statistics, the average contract price of standard 8GB DDR4 module in May rose by less than 1% to US $28.5, and the average price of each 8GB DDR4 particle was between us $3.25 and US $3.35. The average contract price of niche DRAM in May was the same as that of last month, and the average price of 8GB DDR4 x16 particle reached US $3.80, a new high in 11 months. The industry pointed out that the DRAM contract price in the first quarter will rise by less than 5%, and the contract price in the second quarter will be significantly increase d by10-15% compared with the previous quarter. Although the market visibility in the third quarter is poor, it is expected to rise by less than 5%.
In the first half of this year, the three DRAM plants strictly controlled capital expenditure. Samsung changed line 13 production capacity from DRAM to CMOS image sensor. In the second half of this year, pingze No.2 plant began to increase the production capacity of 1z nano DRAM. The DRAM capacity of SK Hynix M10 plant was converted to CMOS image sensor, but the capacity of M14 plant and Wuxi plant was increased simultaneously. Meguiar focuses on the process transfer and yield improvement of 1z nano.
As a whole, although the development and introduction of advanced processes in the three DRAM plants have been delayed, they are generally smooth, and there are no major quality abnormalities. This year, the overall DRAM capacity has not grown significantly, and capital expenditure has continued to decline. The growth of supply bits is mainly due to the transfer of advanced processes such as 1y / 1z nanometers, not the substantial increase in investment.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a weak demand for mobile phone DRAM, but the new crown pneumonia epidemic has boosted shipments, servers, pens, flat panel, Netcom devices, medical equipment and other shipments, and has continued strong demand for standard type, server and niche based DRAM. In addition, HUAWEI has rushed to expand its procurement in the near future. Overall, the DRAM market in the second quarter has maintained a balance of supply and demand, but due to market inventory, the market has been in a tight position. Obviously de materialized, the actual buying smoothly pushed up the DRAM contract price in April and may to maintain the upward trend.
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