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According to Samsung, SK Hynix cuts capital expenditures in order to increase the price trend

Time:2020-09-15 Views:465
In the morning news, according to media reports, there are reports in the industry that Samsung and SK Hynix, the world’s top two Korean factories, will reduce capital expenditure by about 20%. The purpose is to slow down the pace of capacity expansion, reduce output, and increase quotes. Trend.
According to reports, Samsung and SK Hynix have reduced their capital expenditures. The market is optimistic that it will help the memory market to develop in a positive direction. They have begun to position relevant groups and become a safe haven for funds. The US stock market has fluctuated recently, and the stock price of Micron, a major US memory manufacturer, was relatively supportive. Last Friday, Micron‘s stock trend was relatively firm, and it closed up by more than 2.7% that day.
As for Taiwan‘s memory makers, Nanya Technology bucked the trend last Friday and rose by 0.3 yuan to close at 53.3 yuan. Foreign capital stopped selling three consecutive times and switched to buying over 219 contracts; Winbond received seven consecutive foreign purchases, with a cumulative band buying over 5.1 Ten thousand contracts, synchronized last Friday, and closed at 13.5 yuan.

Industry insiders pointed out that in the first half of this year, downstream manufacturers are actively preparing for the storage market due to the large uncertainty of the epidemic situation. However, as the inventory level rises in the second half of the year, the downstream pull force becomes weaker and faces the pressure of oversupply.

Samsung and SK Hynix accounted for more than 72% of the total global DRAM market, and the NAND Flash market accounted for more than 40% of the total. They have an absolute market dominance. The two major factories have slowed down investment and reduced output. This is great news for the development of the market.
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