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PXA270C5C312_INTEL original franchise_CPU processor_Bidding hot sale

Model: PXA270C5C312

Brand: INTEL 

Type: Original Spot Quantity: 50100

Packaging: BGA batch number: NEW + ROHS

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Description: CPU Processor
  • PXA270C5C312

    Intel is a major CPU processor company in the United States. It is the world‘s largest manufacturer of personal computer parts and CPUs. It was founded in 1968 and has a 50-year history of product innovation and market leadership. Intel has become the world‘s largest technology giant in the design and production of semiconductors.

    The central processing unit (CPU) is the core of operation and control of computer system and the final execution unit of information processing and program running. Since CPU came into being, it has made great progress in logic structure, operation efficiency and function extension. It is one of the main equipments of the computer and the core accessories of the computer. Its function is mainly to interpret computer instructions and process data in computer software. CPU is the core component of the computer responsible for reading instructions, decoding instructions and executing instructions. The CPU mainly consists of two parts, namely, controller and calculator, which also includes cache memory, data and bus to realize the connection between them. The three core components of computer are CPU, internal memory and input/output devices. The main functions of CPU are to process instructions, perform operations, control time and process data. In the architecture of computer, CPU is the core hardware unit to control and allocate all hardware resources (such as memory, input and output units) of computer and perform general operations. CPU is the core of computer operation and control. The operation of all software layers in computer system will eventually be mapped to the operation of CPU through instruction set.

    1: Because of the variety of models, the price and inventory quantity are updated. Please contact us before placing an order.
    2: When the buyer consults, please make it clear (complete model, package, quantity) so that we can quote in time.
    3: If the buyer orders without consulting in advance, if the goods cannot be delivered due to shortage or price increase, our company will not bear any responsibility and will make refund treatment.
    4: More than 1000 yuan free of freight (except for special commodities).
    5: The quotation does not include any sales tax. For calculating the price with tax, Please add tax point.
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