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Model: PC28F256P30TFE

Brand: INTEL  

Type: Original Spot Quantity: 50100

Packaging: BGA batch number: NEW + ROHS

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Description: NOR Flash
  • PC28F256P30TFE

    Intel is a major CPU processor company in the United States. It is the world‘s largest manufacturer of personal computer parts and CPUs. It was founded in 1968 and has a 50-year history of product innovation and market leadership. Intel has become the world‘s largest technology giant in the design and production of semiconductors.

    NOR Flash is a non-volatile flash technology created by Intel in 1988. Now there are two kinds in the market.
    One of the main non-volatile flash memory technologies. Intel first developed NOR Flash technology in 1988.
    The bottom changed the original EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-Only-Memory Electric Programming)
    Read-only Memory (ROM) and EEPROM (Electrical Erasable ROM)
    Programmable Read - Only Memory) The situation of unification of the world. Then, in 1989, Toshiba
    The company released NAND Flash architecture, emphasizing lower cost per bit, higher performance, and
    Like a disk, it can be easily upgraded through an interface. NOR Flash is characterized by in-chip execution (XIP,
    EXecute In Place, so that the application can run directly in Flash flash memory, no longer need to
    The code is read into the system RAM. The transmission efficiency of NOR is very high, and it has a high success rate when the capacity is between 1 MB and 4 MB.
    This is cost-effective, but very low write and erase speed greatly affects its performance. The structure of NAND can provide
    Very high cell density, can achieve high storage density, and write and erase speed is also fast. application
    The difficulty of NAND is that Flash management requires special system interfaces. Normally read NOR faster than NAND
    It‘s a little faster, and NAND‘s writing speed is much faster than NOR‘s, which should be considered in the design.
    Flash flash memory is a non-volatile memory. It can erase and reprogram memory blocks called blocks.
    。 Writing of any flash device can only be done in empty or erased cells, so most cases
    In addition, erasure must be performed before writing operations. NAND devices perform erasure operations very simply
    Single, while NOR requires that all bits in the target block be written to zero before erasing.
    Since the NOR device is erased in blocks of 64-128KB, a write/erase operation is performed.
    Five seconds, in contrast, erasing NAND devices is done in blocks of 8 to 32 KB, performing the same operation.
    It only takes 4 ms at most.
    The performance gap between NOR and NAND is further widened by different block sizes when erasing is performed. Statistics show that the performance gap between NOR and NAND is widened.
    For a given set of write operations (especially when updating small files), more erase operations must be based on
    It is carried out in the unit of NOR. In this way, when choosing a storage solution, designers must weigh the following
    Various factors.
    L. NOR reads faster than NAND.
    2. NAND writes much faster than NOR.
    3. The 4ms erasing speed of NAND is much faster than 5S of NOR.
    4. Most write operations require erasing first.
    5. The erasing unit of NAND is smaller and the corresponding erasing circuit is less.
    In addition, the practical application of NAND is more complex than that of NOR. NOR can be used directly and can be used on it.
    Run the code directly; NAND needs I/O interface, so it needs driver when it is used. But nowadays
    The line operating system supports Flash with NAND structure. In addition, the Linux kernel also provides NAND
    Structural Flash support.

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