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Industry news

The price of NAND is stable, the impact of the "epidemic" has expanded, and overseas demand has also "cooled"

Time:2020-03-11 Views:338
Although the "outbreak" in Mainland China has improved significantly, and the rate of return to work for enterprises and factories has continued to rise, because the "outbreak" prevention and control work has not been completed, personnel travel, logistics, and transportation are still controlled, and the "outbreak" has spread Globally, the global economy, such as manufacturing, retail, catering, transportation, and tourism / entertainment, has suffered. The overall market demand has also cooled recently, and the channel market has declined more significantly.
The impact of the global "outbreak" has continued to expand. At present, it not only affects companies in mainland China, Korean companies such as Samsung, LG, and other factories in Gumi City have been temporarily closed. In addition, 109 countries and regions have implemented immigration controls on South Korea, including Apple, Google, and Facebook. Global technology giants such as Microsoft, Amazon, and others also require company employees in some regions to work as far as possible from home and avoid international trips. Many technology companies even canceled major important annual meetings, resulting in a significant decline in overseas market demand.
Although the overall market demand has declined, the price of the NAND Flash market is still high. According to ChinaFlashMarket‘s quotation in China‘s flash memory market, the price of NAND Flash-related products has stabilized recently. This week (March 10), only the low-capacity SSD in the industry market increased slightly. The prices of other products were stable. Among them, the price of SATA SSD 128GB in the industrial market rose from US $ 20 to US $ 21, and the price of PCIe SSD 128GB rose from US $ 22 to US $ 23. The prices of other eMMC and eMCP, etc., remained stable overall.
The price of the NAND Flash market is stable at a high level, mainly because the original NAND Flash Wafer wafer supply has been in short supply, especially the "epidemic" has spread globally, causing delays in international logistics. On the other hand, the original factory is unwilling to reduce prices, and even raise prices of some mainstream products, resulting in increased procurement costs for downstream enterprises. Even when the market demand is cooling, most businesses are unwilling to reduce prices and sell at a loss, resulting in significant market reluctance. Especially the channel market.

As the "outbreak" in mainland China improves, it is expected that in April, it will be able to return to its previous standard of living. Based on the prevention and control of the epidemic, domestic enterprises will vigorously boost the manufacturing industry, coupled with the country‘s acceleration of the construction of new infrastructure such as 5G networks and data centers, as well as the promotion of consumer recovery and potential release, domestic market demand will It has gradually improved, but it is necessary to pay close attention to the development of the "outbreak" in South Korea, Japan, the United States and other countries that have a large impact on the storage industry and its impact on global supply.
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