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Industry news

Inventory of ADI‘s Hard Power of Automobile Electronics

Time:2019-04-18 Views:51
IC Insights, an internationally renowned analyst, pointed out in a report last year that the annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of automotive electronic systems between 2017 and 2021 is expected to be 6.4%, surpassing all other major system categories. Among them, automatic driving (automatic) vehicles, ADAS, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications, vehicle safety and electric vehicles and other applications and needs will become the biggest driving force of automotive electronics.
In the current semiconductor environment as a whole is not good, automotive electronics with shelter Bay characteristics has attracted the attention of semiconductor manufacturers, many companies previously engaged in consumer electronics have also focused on this field, and ADI has already established its foothold in this market after years of intensive cultivation.
According to the company‘s financial report, ADI earned $6.2 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2018, an increase of 21.4% over the same period last year, and operating profit of 42.4%. Automotive electronics also played an important role in its business composition. The results show that in fiscal year 2018, automotive electronics business accounts for 16% of the company‘s business, and will become an important driving force for ADI growth in the future. According to Chen Sheng, senior strategy and business development manager of ADI China Automotive Electronics Division, this is mainly related to ADI‘s extensive layout in automotive electronics and excellent performance of products.
Beginning with airbag sensors, ADI has accumulated in automotive electronics for many years, Chen Sheng said. Through internal R&D and acquisition in the past few years, ADI has launched a number of products in the three directions of automotive electrification, intelligent cockpit and automatic driving, among which the first thing to introduce is their investment in automotive electrification.
In recent years, electric vehicles have become the mainstream of the automotive industry, which has caused people‘s anxiety about the endurance and safety of electric vehicles. BMS plays a very important role in it, and ADI has a history of nearly 22 years in battery management. According to Chen Sheng, ADI‘s BMS has gone through five generations of updates since its inception, which makes them accumulate rich experience in the upper area, but also has advantages that other manufacturers do not have.
Chen Sheng told reporters: "The greatest strength of ADI BMS is the battery management accuracy of lithium batteries. These extremely high-precision products can control the accuracy in a very small fluctuation range regardless of the environment, and can remain unchanged for ten years. This allows car manufacturers and battery suppliers to boldly use their battery capacity without being constrained by inadequate precision. It can also achieve the goal of increasing the mileage of the whole car under the same battery and capacity.
"The main reason for this is that a technology called Buried Zener is embedded, which is a very stable benchmark source and can provide customers with the very precise features just mentioned." Chen Sheng added. In order to further promote the development of electric vehicles, ADI has also introduced wireless BMS, which subtracts the cable connection of the vehicle, reduces the weight of the vehicle, reduces the complexity of the market system, increases the reliability of the system, and further improves the endurance experience of electric vehicles.
In addition, ADI also includes product assistant automotive electrification in isolation, motor/electric drive.
When it comes to cockpit electronics, ADI focuses mainly on the field of audio and video, which is the advantage they have always had. It is understood that most of the high-end luxury cars on the market now use ADI DSP processor in digital audio amplifiers.
The A2B bus is another innovation brought by ADI for automobile audio. Official ADI data show that A2B is a single host, multi-slave line topology. Linear topology instead of ring topology is an important element of A2B technology. Compared with the existing digital bus architecture, the A2B master-slave topology itself is more efficient. By simply initializing the bus, conventional bus operation can be managed without additional processor intervention. With this bus, the use of cables on the vehicle is reduced, and the cost of cables is lower. At the same time, it can greatly reduce the complexity of the whole system design.
"Using A2B technology can not only provide high quality digital audio, but also reduce the weight of automotive audio cables by up to 75%," Chen added.
In addition to A2B, C2B is another contribution of ADI to the car audio and video market. Official data show that ADI‘s on-board camera bus C2B is an innovative new camera linking technology designed for automotive applications. It is understood that this new camera bus can provide HD video through unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cables and unshielded connectors, providing a simple upgrade path from SD to HD cameras without changing the existing cable and connector infrastructure. It realizes the camera link, reduces the system cost, reduces the weight significantly, and improves the stability. The C2B transmitter and receiver suite product series can realize seamless camera connection in vehicles.
TOF (Time of flight) is another weapon in the field of ADI automotive electronics.
The so-called TOF, from a technical point of view, is to emit infrared light, and then receive scattered light by the detector, to calculate the two-way flight time of photons, and then derive the distance between the launch point and the object. This technology has become extremely hot in the past two years because of the attention of smartphones. As a leader in the industry, ADI also provides a good solution in this regard.
It is reported that the ToF technology of ADI can achieve the resolution and accuracy of VGA image, and has lower power consumption and space occupancy. At the same time, it can output the infrared image with VGA resolution and provide the depth data corresponding to the pixels. Depth data can effectively increase image recognition, achieve the accuracy of object judgment, and provide machine vision that previous machines did not have. In the application, the depth information can be introduced to enhance the robustness of the system while combining the existing camera detection methods. Chen Sheng believes that this technology will also have a place in the field of on-board vehicles. Monitoring the driver‘s condition in the cab is one of the representative applications. ADI has launched Driver Monitoring System (DMS) specifically for this market, providing more choices for car manufacturers.
As for automatic driving, ADI also has a deep accumulation.
Chen Sheng told reporters, because ADI in the 244G, 77G, 79G bands of radar coverage, in the area of lidar has also been involved, as well as IMU and other fields have also been studied. Supported by these products and technologies, they introduced a concept called Drive 360. In this scheme, ADI‘s most advanced sensor, intelligent connection and secure communication solutions are combined to further promote the realization of the goal of commercialization of automatic driving vehicles. They have also cooperated with Baidu and Momenta in the field of automatic driving, which proves the influence of ADI in the field of automatic driving.
Looking forward to the future, ADI will continue to contribute to the automotive industry, leading us into a more intelligent, environmentally friendly and safe automotive era.
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