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Biography: TSMC builds 6 more 7nm fabs

Time:2021-09-08 Views:1
On September 7, according to Taiwan media reports, TSMC continued to expand its investment in Taiwan, and the next major investment case will go south to Kaohsiung! After the Nanke 18th Plant invested more than trillion yuan to build a five-nanometer and three-nanometer production center, TSMC has selected the former site of the CNPC Kaohsiung refinery No. 5 lighthouse to build another production center in Taiwan.
TSMC’s supply chain revealed that after receiving support from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Kaohsiung City Government, TSMC has begun a detailed design for the future allocation of land for the PetroChina Refinery, and initially planned six plants, mainly as production bases for the seven-nanometer process. The Kaohsiung Qiaotou Science and Technology Park will also lock in the hinterland of the expansion of the second nanometer or the expansion of the third nanometer.
In recent years, TSMC has launched a global layout with extremely rare expansion actions. It has successively announced that it will set up wafer fabs in the United States and Japan. The Arizona plant in the United States has begun construction, and the Japanese plant is expected to be finalized soon. Germany is the next overseas deployment location. , But TSMC’s expansion in Taiwan is even larger.
It is understood that TSMC’s internal plan is to challenge 100 billion U.S. dollars in annual revenue by 2030, which translates to NT$2.8 trillion to NT$3.0 trillion. Based on TSMC’s total revenue of US$45.51 billion last year, it is equivalent to the challenge of doubling TSMC’s revenue in ten years.
To achieve its goal, TSMC has launched a number of expansion plans in Taiwan, including Hsinchu Baoshan, Zhongke, and Kaohsiung. It is estimated that nearly 18 new plants will be built, plus Arizona, China, Nanjing, Kumamoto, Japan, and Delux plants in Germany. , With a total of more than 20 factories, in the next ten years, TSMC will advance at the speed of completing two to three factories every year.
TSMC’s large-scale construction of a new plant is mainly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has triggered a global simultaneous acceleration of digital transformation, and the demand for various semiconductor components has exploded. In addition, 5G mobile devices, AI artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, Internet of Things and other applications are fully converged, "not only advanced manufacturing processes. Even the growth rate of demand for mature process production capacity is so fast that it is unimaginable.” It is necessary to change the thinking of building a factory in the past year to quickly prepare customers for the new business model of sufficient production capacity to seize this huge digital transformation business opportunity .
In the past, TSMC’s investment in Taiwan was only in Nanke, and the decision to go south to Kaohsiung to build a factory in the future is bound to arouse great attention from all walks of life. TSMC’s large-scale construction of new factories will also drive the rapid development of cities in Hsinchu, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, which will also increase land prices and housing prices. It will also generate industrial agglomeration effects and accelerate the support of local supply chains.
Rumor has it that it will set up a factory in Kaohsiung, and TSMC has not made any comment. TSMC emphasized that with Taiwan as its main base, there are many considerations in choosing the location of the factory, and it does not rule out any possibility. It maintains the pace of expansion in the past and continues to cooperate with the authority to evaluate land suitable for semiconductor factories in Hsinchu, Taichung and Kaohsiung.
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