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Industry news

Biography: TSMC builds 6 more 7nm fabs

TSMC has launched a global layout with extremely rare expansion actions in recent years

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Samsung expects Q1 profit to grow by more than 4 ear on year

Today, Samsung Electronics released its first quarter of 2021 earnings forecast

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Improve global supply, Samsung pingze P2 new factory speed up production DRAM

Samsung is speeding up the transition of advanced technology, and its P2 plant in pyonggyeonggi do, South Korea, is installing equipment and building EUV produc...

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Increase in market demand: revenue of GD in the first quarter increased year on ...

Recently, Zhaoyi innovation released the latest financial report. According to the data, in the first quarter of 2020, Zhaoyi innovation achieved a total revenu...

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Can storage supply chain demand recover and increase as global economies restart...

With the improvement of virus detection capacity and the gradual implementation of response measures, many countries around the world recently announced plans t...

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Electronic components price rising trend, epidemic situation, speed up to break ...

The epidemic has provided reasons for the price increase of many components, but in the long run, the price fluctuation still depends on whether the market dema...

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CPU Science Popularization

CPU is usually called computer brain, just like human brain, it consists of several parts, including the part of receiving information, the part of storing info...

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The price of NAND is stable, the impact of the "epidemic" has expanded, and over...

Although the "outbreak" in Mainland China has improved significantly, the rate of return to work for enterprises and factories has continued to rise

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New coronavirus is blocking the development of global electronic industry

The outbreak of new coronavirus in China has affected the electronic industry.

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Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Japan and South Korea, what is the impact on glob...

The impact of the mainland‘s "new crown" epidemic on the industrial manufacturing industry has not yet fully recovered. Japan and South Korea, with only a stri...

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South Korea‘s epidemic is escalating, and global semiconductor supply is surgin...

South Korea has become the country with the second largest number of cases after China. Its economy is of medium scale, but its trade is a big country. It domin...

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Yishan Semiconductor K4B4G1646E-BCK0 Original Spot Price is Better than Flight A...

Our company is a professional semiconductor independent distributor, mainly with MICRON, SAMSUNG, SK-HYNIX brand memory series, FLASH, DRAM, SDRAM, DDR, EMMC, A...

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Naming rules for STM32 chip models

The naming of ST STM32 semiconductor chip

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The development process of Samsung Semiconductor and Its Inspiration to China‘s...

Samsung has a strong advantage in the field of memory chips. In 2017, the overall price of storage chips rose all the way. Samsung‘s position as a semiconducto...

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