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Common memory naming rules:

Samsung (Samsung) memory specific meaning interpretation: cases: SAMSUNG

K4S283232E-TC60 SDRAM K4H280838B-TCB0 DDR K4T51163QE-HCE6 DDR2 K4B1G164E-HCE7 DDR3 main meaning:

The first bit - the chip function K, represents the memory chip.   

Second bit - chip type 4, representing DRAM. 9 representative NAND FLASH

The third - bit - a further type of description of the chip, S represents SDRAM, H represents DDR, T represents DDR2, B represents DDR3, and G represents SGRAM.   

Fourth, fifth bits - capacity and refresh rate, memory with the same capacity, uses different refresh rates, and also uses different numbers. 64, 62, 63, 65, 66, 67 and 6A represent the capacity of 64Mbit; 28, 27 and 2A represent the capacity of 128Mbit; 56, 55, 57, 5A represent the capacity of 256Mbit; and the capacity of 512Mbit represents 512Mbit.   

Sixth, seventh bits - the number of pins of the data line, 08 for 8 bit data; 16 for 16 bit data; 32 for 32 bit data; 64 for 64 bit data. Eleventh - line - "".   

The fourteenth, fifteenth bit - the rate of the chip, such as 60 for 6ns; 70 for 7ns; 7B for 7.5ns (CL=3); 7C for 7.5ns (CL=2); 80 for 8NS; 10 for 10ns (66MHz). Know the main meaning of digital memory encoding, get a memory after it is very easy to calculate its capacity. For example, a Samsung DDR memory, which is encapsulated with 18 pieces of SAMSUNGK4H280838B-TCB0 particles. The particle number fourth, fifth bits "28" indicates that the particle is 128Mbits, and the sixth, seventh bit "08" indicates that the particle is 8 bit data bandwidth, so we can calculate that the capacity of the memory bar is 128Mbits (megabit) x 16 /8bits=256MB (megabyte).   

Note: "bit" is "digital", "B" is a byte "byte", and one byte is 8 bits divided by 8. As for memory capacity calculation, there are two cases in the paper: one is non ECC memory, every 8 pieces of 8 bit data width particles can form a memory, another ECC memory, after every 64 bits of data, it also adds 8 bit ECC check code. By checking the code, two bit errors in the memory data can be detected and a error can be corrected. So in the process of calculating the actual capacity, no check bits are calculated, and the actual capacity of the 18 pieces of particles with the function of ECC is 16 multiplied by the actual capacity. At the time of purchase, it is also possible to determine 18 or 9 memory strips of memory particles that are ECC memory.    

Hynix (Hyundai) modern modern memory meaning:

HY57V281620FTP-H (H57V2562GTR-75C version) SDRAM HY5DV641622AT-36 H5DU5162ETP-E3C DDR HYXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX 123456789101112

HY5PS121621BFP-C4 H5PS5162FFR-25C DDR2 HY5TQ1G163ZNFP-G8 H5TQ1G163BFR-12C DDR3 1, HY is a product of modern

2, memory chip type: (57=SDRAM, 5D=DDRSDRAM, 5P=DDR2SDRAM, 5T=DDR3SDRAM); 27=NAND FLASH, 3 working voltage: =5V V=3.3V, U=2.5V blank, Q=1.8V, 4 chip capacity and refresh rate: 16=16Mbits, 4KRef; 64=64Mbits, 8KRef; 65=64Mbits, 4KRef 128=128Mbits, 8KRef; 129=128Mbits, 4KRef; 256=256Mbits, 16KRef; 257=256Mbits, 8KRef;

, 5 representative chip output data width: 40, 80, 16 and 32 respectively represent 4 bits and 8 bits, 16 bits and 32 bits

The number of 6, BANK: 1, 2, 3 respectively, representing 2, 4 and 8 Bank, is a power of 2 times between

7, I/O interface: 1:SSTL_3, 2:SSTL_2

8, chip kernel version: for A, B, C or blank, D letters, more in the future on behalf of more new kernel

, 9 representative power: L= low power chip, chip ordinary = blank

10, memory chip package type: JC=400milSOJ, TC=400milTSOP- II, TD=13mmTSOP- II, TG=16mmTSOP- II 11, working speed: 55:183MHZ particles and 5:200MHZ, 45:222MHZ, 43:233MHZ, 4:250MHZ, 33:300NHZ, L:DDR200, H:DDR266B, K:DDR266A modern mBGA package

Micron (Mei Guang)

To MT48LC16M8A2TG-75 this number to illustrate the micron memory encoding rules. Meaning:

MT - the name of the vendor for Micron.   

48 - the type of memory. 48 represents SDRAM; 46 represents DDR. 47=DDR2 LC - supply voltage. LC stands for 3V; C represents 5V; V represents 2.5V. - 16M8 memory capacity of 128Mbits, the calculation method is: 16M (address) * 8 bit data width. A2 - memory kernel version.   

TG - encapsulation, TG, TSOP encapsulation.   

-75 - the rate of memory work, -75 is 133MHz; -65 is 150MHz. Examples: a MicronDDR memory, with 18 pieces of manufacturing MT46V32M4-75 particle number. The memory supports the ECC function. So each Bank is an odd number of memory particles. The capacity: the capacity of 32M * 4bit * 16 /8=256MB (megabytes).

Infineon (Ying Feiling)

Infineon is a subsidiary of SIEMENS, Germany. At present, there are only two capacities in the domestic market that SIEMENS‘s subsidiary Infineon produces: 128Mbits particles and 256Mbits particles. The number in detail lists its memory capacity and data width. Infineon‘s memory queue organization management pattern is that each particle is composed of 4 Bank. So the size of its memory particles is relatively small, and it is also the easiest to distinguish.

HYB39S128400 is 128MB/4bits, and "128" identifies the size of the particle, and the latter three identifies the memory data width. The other is the same, such as: HYB39S128800 is 128MB/8bits; HYB39S128160 is 128MB/16bits; HYB39S256800 is 256MB/8bits.   

The representation of the working rate of Infineon memory particles is to add a short line at the end of its model and then to mark the working rate.   

-7.5 said the work frequency of the memory is 133MHz; -8 - said the operating frequency of the memory is 100MHz. For example:

1 Kingston memory strips are produced with 16 pieces of Infineon HYB39S128400-7.5 memory particles. Its capacity is calculated as: 128Mbits (megabyte) x 16 pieces of /8=256MB (megabyte).   

1 Ramaxel memory strips are produced with 8 pieces of Infineon HYB39S128800-7.5 memory particles. Its capacity is calculated as: 128Mbits (megabyte) x 8 pieces of /8=128MB (megabyte).    


KINGMAX memory instructions

Kingmax memory is used in TinyBGA encapsulation (Tinyballgridarray). And the encapsulation mode is a patented product, so we see that the memory strips made with Kingmax particles are all produced by the factory itself. Kingmax memory particles have two kinds of capacity: 64Mbits and 128Mbits. Here you can list the memory particle sizes of each capacity series. Note: capacity

KSVA44T4A0A, 64Mbits, 16M address space X 4 bit data width; KSV884T4A0A - 64Mbits, 8M address space X 8 bit data width; KSV244T4XXX - 128Mbits, 32M address space X 4 bit data width; KSV684T4XXX - 128Mbits, 16M address space X 8 digits according to width; KSV864T4XXX - 128Mbits. The address space of 8M x 16 bit data width. There are four types of Kingmax memory work rate, is used in the models of short-term memory work rate identification symbols separated by:

-7A - PC133/CL=2 -7 - PC133/CL=3;; -8A - PC100/CL=2 -8 - PC100/CL=3.   

For example, a Kingmax memory bar is made of 16 KSV884T4A0A-7A memory particles, and its capacity is calculated as 64Mbits (megabit) x 16 /8=128MB (megabyte).     

Winbond (Hua Bang) meaning: WXXXXXXXX 12345

1, W on behalf of memory is produced by Winbond

, 2 representative memory types: 98 for SDRAM, 94 for DDRRAM, 3 representative particle number: the common version is B and H;

, 4 representative H TSOP package, B package, BGA package, D package for LQFP

, 5 working frequency: 0:10ns, 100MHz; 8:8ns, 125MHz; Z:7.5ns, 133MHz;

TI product classification and Description:

The company has a large number of semiconductor products, including memory product group, digital signal processor (DSP), power management IC, amplifier and linear device, microcontroller, data converter, temperature sensor and control IC, standard linear device and so on. In terms of our daily enquiries, I will first introduce the three types of digital signal processor (DSP), micro controller and power management IC.

Digital signal processor (DSP):

The DSP (digital singnal processor) chip, also known as the digital signal processor, is a microprocessor with a special structure. The DSP chip adopts the Harvard structure separated from program and data. It has special hardware multiplier, widely used pipeline operation, providing special DSP instructions, which can be used to realize all kinds of digital signal processing algorithms quickly. According to the requirements of digital signal processing, DSP chips generally have the following main features:

(1) a multiplication and one addition can be completed within an instruction cycle.

(2) the program is separated from the data space, and the instructions and data can be accessed at the same time.

(3) there is a fast RAM in the chip, which can usually be accessed at the same time through an independent data bus in two blocks.

(4) hardware support with low overhead or no overhead cycle and jump.

(5) fast interrupt handling and hardware I/O support.

(6) multiple hardware address generators operating in a single cycle.

(7) multiple operations can be executed in parallel.

(8) support pipelining so that operations such as reference, decoding, and execution can be overlapped.

Compared with common microprocessors, the other general functions of DSP chips are relatively weak.

TI brand electronic chip naming rules:

The suffix in SN54LS * * * * /HC/HCT/ or SNJ54LS/HC/HCT explains:

SN or SNJ represents the TI brand

SN military standard, with N for DIP encapsulation, with J to represent DIP (diallel inserted), D to represent the table, with W to represent the wide body

The SNJ corps, behind the generation of F or /883 suffix that has tested in the Corps.

CD54LS * * * * /HC/HCT:

- no suffix general level

The suffix J or 883 military grade

CD4000/CD45 * *:

Suffix with BCP or BE

BF is a general level suffix

Suffix with BF3A or 883 military products

TL * * * *:

Suffix CP ordinary level IP industrial level suffix with D

The suffix with MJB, MJG or /883 is the military grade

TLC shows low power TLV voltage for ordinary voltage

TMS320 series belonging to DSP devices, MSP430F microprocessors

BB product naming rules:

Prefix ADS emulator U table affix P is DIP packaging with B for industrial level

Prefix INA, XTR, PGA and so on Express High Precision Op Amp suffix U table to represent DIP PA to represent high precision

Device naming rules

SN 74 LVC H 162244 A DGG R 12345678910

Standard prefix

Example: SNJ -- compliance with MIL-PRF-38535 (QML)

temperature range

54 - Military

74 - special functions of the business series

Empty = no special function

C -- configurable Vcc (LVCC)

D - level conversion diode (CBTD)

H - bus maintenance (ALVCH)

K - (CBTK) - undershoot protection circuit

R - input / output damping resistance (LVCR)

S - Schottky clamp diode (CBTS)

Z -- power up three state (LVCZ)


Empty = gate, MSI, and octal

1G - Single

8 - octal IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG)

16 - Widebus? (16, 18, and 20)

18 -- Widebus IEEE 1149.1 (JTAG)

32 - Widebus? (32 and 36 bit) options empty = no options

2 - output series damping resistance

4 - level converter

25 - 25 Ohm drive function

244 -- non reverse buffer / driver

374 - D class positive and negative devices

573 - D kind of transparent lock

640 - reverse transceiver device correction null = no correction

Letter indicator item A-Z


D, DW -- small integrated circuit (SOIC)

DB, DL -- compact compact package (SSOP)

DBB, DGV -- thin ultra small shape package (TVSOP) DBQ -- 1/4 small package (QSOP)

DBV, DCK -- small transistor package (SOT) DGG, PW -- thin compact compact package (TSSOP) FK -- ceramic non lead chip carrier (LCCC)

FN -- plastic lead chip carrier (PLCC)

GB - Ceramic needle type gate array (CPGA)

GKE, GKF - MicroStar? BGA low section ball grid array package (LFBGA) GQL, GQN MicroStar Junior BGA ultra fine grate array (VFBGA), Junior, t, t, C - ceramic quad flat package (x).

J, JT - ceramic double row plug - in package (CDIP)

N, NP, NT - plastic double row plug - in package (PDIP)

NS, PS -- small package (SOP)

PAG, PAH, PCA, PCB, PM, PN, PZ -- ultra thin square flat package (TQFP) PH, PQ, RC -- square flat package (QFP)

W, WA, WD -- ceramic flat packaging (CFP)

Coiling package

The names of all new devices or replacement devices in the DB and PW encapsulation types include the R specified for the coiling product. Currently, the existing product designated as LE continues to use this specification, but it will be converted to R in the future. Example of the naming rule:

For the existing devices - SN74LVTxxxDBLE

For new or replacement devices - SN74LVTxxxADBR LE - left print (effective only for DB and PW packages)

R - Standard (only for all surface packaging other than existing DB and PW devices)

There is no difference in function between the device designated LE and the device designated R for the carrier band, the cap belt, or the tape.

AD commonly used product model name:

Standard single chip and hybrid integrated circuit product model



1. prefix:

ADG an analog switch or multiplexer

ADSP a digital signal processor DSP

ADV a video product VIDEO

ADM an interface or monitor R power supply

ADP a power product

2. device model:

3-5 digit Arabia digits

3. general description:

A second generation products,

DI dielectric isolation,

Z works in the low power consumption of + 12V L-

4. temperature range / performance (arranged according to parameter performance):

The properties of I, J, K, L and M increased in turn, and the performance of M was the worst.

The properties of A, B and C increased in -25 C or -40 C to 85 C, and the performance of C was the worst.

The properties of S, T and U increased in -55 C to 125 C, and the performance of U was the worst.

5. package form:

B - type grille array BGA (plastic seal) RJ J pin small size

BC chip scale ball grid array RM SOIC (micro SOIC) BP temperature enhanced ball grid array RN small size (0.15 inches thick, 2mm) - /DIE RP - C chip small size (PSOP)

D edge or bottom CDIP RQ SOIC brazed ceramic (0.025 inches wide, 2mm thick) E ceramic leadless chip carrier LLCC RS compact small size (SSOP) F ceramic flat to install FP (L or 2 sides) RT SOT 23 or SOI 143 G PGA RU multilayer ceramic fine small TSSOP H round metal encapsulated RW- small size (0.025 inches wide, 2MM thick)

J-J pin, ceramic chip carrier S-, metric plastic square flat package (MQFP), M- metal rectangular package, DIP SP-MPQFP N- plastic / epoxy resin DIP SQ-, thin QFP highPOwer (thick SQ-), plastic, thin, thin, and thick.

P- plastic belt lead chip carrier SU- extremely thin QFP (LQFP) (thick 1.4MM) PP- plastic belt lead chip carrier T-To92 transistor package

Q- ceramic CDIP V- surface mounting to MOLY pins, TAB QC-CERPACK VR-, surface mounting tape to foot MOLY TAB R- small outboard package (wide or narrow SOIC), TAB single row direct insertion packaging, heat dissipation tape, ribbon and pin pin.











X   /883










ADC A/D 转换器


AMP 设备放大器


BUF 缓冲器


CMP 比较器


DAC D/A 转换器


JAN Mil-M-38510


LIU 串行数据列接口单元


MAT 配对晶体管


MUX 多路调制器


OP 运算放大器


PKD 峰值监测器


PM PMI 二次电源产品


REF 电压比较器


RPT PCM 线重复器


SMP 取样/保持放大器


SW 模拟开关


SSM 声频产品


TMP 温度传感器




3.老化选择:AD 大部分温度范围在 0℃~+70℃、~25℃~+85℃、


40 ℃~+85℃的产品经过老化,有 BI 标记的表示经老化测试。






H 6  TO-78


8  TO-99


10  TO-100


P 环氧树脂 B 双列直插


PC 塑料有引线芯片载体


Q 16 腿陶瓷双列直插


R 20 腿陶瓷双列直插


RC 20 引出端无引线芯片载体




28 腿陶瓷双列直插


TC 20 引出端无引线芯片载体


V 20 腿陶瓷双列直插


X 18 腿陶瓷双列直插


Y 14 腿陶瓷双列直插


Z 8 腿陶瓷双列直插


6.军品工艺: MIL-STD-833 温度范围为-55℃~+125℃,军品标志,分


ABC 三档,未注明为 A 档,B 档为标准产品。





ADI 专用命名规则


AD 公司标准单片及混合集成电路产品型号型号编码:AD XXXX A Y Z


AD 公司产品前缀 AD 为标准编码;其它如:


ADG 一模拟开关或多路器


ADSP 一数字信号处理器 DSP


命名描述: ADV 一视频产品 VIDEO


ADM 一接口或监控 R 电源产品


ADP 一电源产品


不尽详述,但标准产品一般以 AD 开头


命名范例: AD644ASH/883B


命名规则:  1







AD 644 A S H /883B



规则 1 “AD” 代表 “ADI 前缀


AD  -- 模拟器件


HA  -- 混合 A/D


HD  -- 混合 D/A


规则 2 “644” 代表 器件编号


644  -- 器件编号


XXX  -- 器件编号


XX -- 器件编号规则 3 “A” 代表 附加说明

A  -- 第二代产品


DI  -- 介质隔离产品


Z  -- 工作在+12V 的产品


E  -- ECL


-- 无规则 4 “S” 代表 温度范围


-- 0-70


-- 0-70


-- 0-70


-- 0-70


-- 0-70


-- -25-85


-- -25-85


-- -25-85


-- -55-125


-- -55-125


-- -55-125


-- 无规则 5 “H” 代表 封装形式


D  -- 陶瓷或金属气密双列封装(多层陶瓷)


E  -- 芯片载体


F  -- 陶瓷扁平


-- PGA 封装(针栅阵列)


-- 金属圆壳气密封装


M  -- 金属壳双列密封计算机部件


N  -- 塑料双列直插


Q  -- 陶瓷浸渍双列(黑陶瓷)


CHIPS -- 单片的芯片空 --

规则 6 “/883B” 代表 筛选水平


/883B  -- MIL-STD-883B



 Name of MAXIM proprietary product model:


1 2 3 4 5 6

1. prefix: MAXIM product code

2. letter suffix:

Three letter suffix: C= temperature range; P= package types; E= pins

Four letter suffix: B= index grade or incidental function; C= temperature range; P= package types; I= pins

3. index grade or incidental function: A output precision of 5%, E anti-static

4. C= temperature range: 0 to 70 DEG C (commercial grade)

I =-20 DEG to +85 DEG C (industrial grade)

E =-40 DEG to +85 DEG C (extended industrial grade)

A = -40 C to +85 C (aviation)

M =-55 DEG +125 DEG C (military)

5. packages: A SSOP (reduced package) Q PLCC (plastic leaded chip bearing package)

B CERQUAD R narrow body ceramic dual in line package (300mil)

C TO-220 TQFP (thin quad flat package) S small outline package

D ceramic copper top package T TO5, TO-99, TO-100

E 1/4 small outline package U TSSOP, MAX, SOT

F ceramic flat package H module package, SBGA W wide body small package (300mil)

J CERDIP (cerdip) X SC-70 (3 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet)

K TO-3 plastic pin grid array Y narrow body copper top package

L LCC (leadless chip carrier package) Z TO-92MQUAD

M MQFP (metric quad flat package) / D bare chip

N narrow plastic dual in-line / PR reinforced plastic

P plastic dual in-line / W wafer

The number of 6. pin:

A:8 J:32 K:5, 68 S:4, 80

B:10, 64 L:40 T:6160

C:12192 M:7, 48 U:60

D:14 N:18 V:8 (round)

E:16 O:42 W:10 (round)

F:22256 P:20

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