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Company profile

       Shenzhen Yishan Memory Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional memory spot supplier. It mainly establishes strategic cooperative relationship with the original factories, agents and channels of six major brands of MICRON, SAMSUNG, SK-HYNIX, WINBOND, NANYA and INTEL. It specializes in providing professional electronic components spot purchasing and stable order service for large and medium-sized enterprises. Business. By ordering directly from foreign factories, agents and channels without many intermediate links, the company has competitive prices and long-term stable supplier channels. Therefore, here will provide strong support for you to reduce procurement costs and improve profits.
Product type dominates memory, flash memory, display memory NAND FLASH/NOR FLASH/DRAM/SDRAM/DDR/EMMC/EMCP/ARM/ MPU/CPUseries. The products are widely used in security applications, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communication network, medical machinery, precision instruments, industrial control, military equipment, and eight business departments for customers. For professional, efficient, one-to-one sales service.
Yishan Memory relying on Hong Kong, has set up an electronic business department in Shenzhen. It is mainly responsible for the sales of electronic components in the Asia-Pacific region and the development and maintenance of its customers. It has a large stock abroad in Shenzhen and Hong Kong all the year round. Adhering to the business philosophy and development purpose of "sincere service, dedication", the company always adheres to the brand-new original standard, all products conform to the original technology, and is good at the sales of cold doors and discontinued semiconductor products.
Yishan Memory has rich experience in marketing and sales operation, serving more than 7000 customers at home and abroad, 60% of them are industrial customers, 30% are electronic traders, 10% are research institutes and institutions of higher learning, and the company has won the unanimous trust and praise of customers. With the trust and support of customers, the company‘s performance is booming. Now the company‘s brand has expanded MXIC、EON、ESMT、ETRON、ISSI、Cypress, TOSHIBA/Western Data, ELPIDA, ATMEL, INFINEON, Zhaoyi Innovation, Fujian Jinhua, Hefei Changxin, Yangtze River Storage, Ziguang Nanjing and more than 20 famous domestic and foreign memory brands. Series of products have a large number and complete models.Yishan sincerely welcomes and looks forward to your customers‘calls and letters. We hope to work together to create a win-win situation.

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